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Multi-media presentations; Curatorial services; Indigenous Artists directory...

  • Multi-media presentations: Solo or group exhibitions. Roberto Múkaro Borrero is currently working primarily in hi-fired stoneware ceramics. 

  • Curatorial services: From locating content, developing culturally appropriate text in an exhibition or in the accompanying publication, to space design and organization…

  • Indigenous Artists Directory: Let Roberto Múkaro Borrero help you find the right artist for your project…

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Art: Service

Stoneware Ceramic Art Works by Múkaro

Taíno art pioneers, Mukaro Borrero and Melanio Gonzalez, 1995
Taíno effigy bowls
Taíno offering bowl. R. Múkaro Borrero, 2014
R. Múkaro Borrero at Gather Studio
Another offering bowl by R. Múkaro Borrero
Kemi effigy
Kemi effigy by R. Múkaro Borrero
Assorted clay effigies and pendants by R. Múkaro Borrero
Taino body stamp by R. Múkaro Borrero
Hutia Dreaming by R. Múkaro Borrero
Joselyn and Múkaro Borrero at Comite Nov
Art: Gallery
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