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Selected Publications by Roberto Múkaro Borrero

  • Conflict Resolution from a Taino Perspective: A Look at Traditional Taino Forms of Conflict Resolution and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (pp. 4-15), Eastern & Indigenous Perspectives on Conflict Resolution, International Center for Cultural Studies USA Inc., Pennsylvania, October 2013

  • Indigenous Peoples, Traditional Knowledge, and Climate Change: Remembering the Seventh Generation to Come, pp.50-51, Celebrating NGOs: 60 Years with the United Nations – The Journey Continues, United Nations NGO-DPI Conference, Sept. 2007

  • Indigenous Medicinal Plants of the Americas: An Introduction to the Development, Usage, And Legacy of Natural Resources by American Indians, International Center for Cultural Studies, Mumbai,  India, 2003


Cultural Content Advisor

Previous Projects

Boianani 2019.jpg

Boianani: A Taino Girl’s First Adventure

Author: Lesley-Gail Atkinson-Swaby, 2019

The lifestyle of Jamaican Tainos has been vividly exposed in a children’s storybook titled, “Boianani: A Taino Girl’s First Adventure” by Dr Lesley-Gail Atkinson Swaby.

Huareo: Story of a Jamaican Cacique

Author: Fred Kennedy, 2015

When Huareo inherits the role of cacique, he leads the Taino into a prosperous life until he receives word one day from neighbouring Haiti of strangers sailing and laying waste to their villages. Determined not to let the same fate befall his people, Huareo did not welcome or trust the Spanish strangers when they first arrived in Yamaye (Jamaica) in 1494. In 1509, the Spaniards return to the island with the sole purpose of gaining control and the result is something Huareo and his people could never have imagined. Meticulously researched from original sources such the journals of Diego Mendez and Hernando Colon who were marooned in Jamaica on Columbus's fourth voyage, along with other primary and secondary sources and consultation with historians and archaeologists, Fred Kennedy unearths the history of Jamaica's first ancestral heroes.


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