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Books, report-writing; News reporting, articles or editorials; Editing and script revision for cultural accuracy; Encyclopedia or textbook entries; Blogging...

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Gu'ahia Taíno - We Speak Taíno

Author: R. Múkaro Agueibaná Borrero

A precedent-setting, updated dictionary, and grammar guide for the Indigenous Classic Taíno Language developed by Indigenous Taíno leaders. The publication features historical review on the development of the Classic Taíno Language, in-depth comparative analysis with related and unrelated regional Indigenous languages, introductory grammar and syntax, detailed tables for focused study, a comprehensive word listing featuring simplified spelling, phonetic pronunciations, botanical information, updated taxonomic identifiers for plants and animals, an Indigenous-centered presentation of word definitions, and word source information for each entry. 

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Selected Publications by Roberto Múkaro Borrero

  • Conflict Resolution from a Taino Perspective: A Look at Traditional Taino Forms of Conflict Resolution and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (pp. 4-15), Eastern & Indigenous Perspectives on Conflict Resolution, International Center for Cultural Studies USA Inc., Pennsylvania, October 2013

  • Indigenous Peoples, Traditional Knowledge, and Climate Change: Remembering the Seventh Generation to Come, pp.50-51, Celebrating NGOs: 60 Years with the United Nations – The Journey Continues, United Nations NGO-DPI Conference, Sept. 2007

  • Indigenous Medicinal Plants of the Americas: An Introduction to the Development, Usage, And Legacy of Natural Resources by American Indians, International Center for Cultural Studies, Mumbai,  India, 2003

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Cultural Content Advisor

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2022, Capstone Press, Peter Mavrikis, Author

"In 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas. Or did he? Look at all the facts, learn what is fiction, and explore the full story about his famous voyage."

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Roberto Múkaro Borrero

PO Box 4518, NY, NY 10163

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